The Trip Gone Wild

The trip was on and we left for Havelock Island two days later; Priyanka, Vihaan and I, while sending Devank miss you texts.

Priyanka, my BFF had always been great at convincing me, and I? Great at being convinced. Hence, that’s why I could leave my boyfriend, Devank to be with these two. Vihaan is Priyanka and Devank’s childhood best friend, I’m okay with him but what’s awkward is, he has caught me a hundred times watching him play from the window, he’d smile back and I’d hide behind the curtains instantly. I surely had something for him but not love. He wasn’t the type you would love, just the type you’d want to see with his shirt off.

We had set up the bonfire and the camps, it was misty, dark, and quiet. Vihaan was busy and I had an exam, so I being a nerd, walked back to the car, turned on the car light, started studying. I was all focused until I heard footsteps, brown leather jacket, and boxers. Who wears boxers out in the cold? Vihaan, of course.

He noticed and walked up to the car, I hid habitually. “Stop with that hide and seek will you Rumi?” he said opening the car door.

I chuckled, awkwardly. “It’s cold, should I close the car’s door?” he smirked, after a while and I nodded.

He slowly touched my hands moving up my arms, he grabbed my thighs, he slowly came over me like a werewolf over his prey. We both knew what we wanted.

His one hand caressed my face, another over my thighs going constantly in an up and down motion giving me goosebumps and making me shiver in ecstasy, his face leaned in as I lied against the window on my back, the cold misty window touching my neck as he came closer, so close I could smell his sweat mixed with his deo weirdly smelling pleasant, he kissed my neck, moving to my ears, “You’ve been wanting this, haven’t you?”, he whispered into my ears, moving towards my lips, exploring every ounce of it.

His hand grabbed my hair, the other moved inside my tracks sliding into my wet pants, he smirked looking at me, “I know it all Rumi”, he said.

“Have you been dreaming about me?” he hushed.

I was too ecstatic to make up words, I only breathed heavily and moaned. I couldn’t miss a single moment of our togetherness.

He slowly reached down, moving his hand around, caressing it, carefully and softly like one would treat the most precious of their treasures, he kissed my inner thighs making my hands grab the seat covers tightly beside, he kissed over my black panties and he slid them off swiftly.

He unzipped his leather jacket uncovering his beautiful lean body which didn’t let me think of Devank even once, “Have you imagined me like this?” he spoke and I smiled at the truth.

As he looked me into the eye witnessing my pleasure, his hand went down rubbing me and moving around, exploring every part of me, his fingers played swiftly over the layers of skin like a skilled guitarist, who knows his way with fingers.

His weird pattern boxers went off and he went down on me making every passing moment of the night better. He slowly entered me, making me wince in pain and moan in pleasure a moment later, I never guessed how beautiful pain must seem, the misty darkness around, and the faint sound of dewdrops coming through the closed window everything seemed to be heavenly. As I closed my eyes and he paced, the moans and the groans went up louder and louder, our heartbeats were faster and we sweated out our asses off.

How long did it go on? I don’t know but a trip to heaven should never be limited to a clock. Though it was that night I realized, sex in a car is passionate but as hot as it sounds, space fucks it up, I wonder how many times we bumped our heads and hands and legs around.

Devank joined us on the trip the next morning, it was a surprise and I couldn’t have been happier. I wonder what for, his surprise or my passionately fulfilled lust.

Devank and I broke up after the trip ended.

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