She decided on one thing, love

She had love entranced into every part of her being.

her skin was woven with love

her heart pumped love

yet, she felt miserable.

Her eyes captured the view outside,

a melancholic painting.

the gloomy weather, the dark trees.

the silence coming from the still of life

and besides the rustling of trees from the faint breeze,

not a soul was to be found.

If someone had taken her brain out of her head,

they would see the outlines of words,


hurt and screaming,

not making sense.

And maybe that person would scream and run away in fear.

trying to stay clear from the words,

as if they were to be the most venomous things on the planet.

If she was to write down a story about how she felt at that moment,

not a single word would come out,

because what word would she start with?

her brain had gone blank,

with only screams of incoherent languages echoing throughout it.

She knew nothing but everything at the same time.

She decided on one thing,

love is one of the most painful things in the world.

Love had taken her by choke-hold, pressing against one of the most vital organs of her body, her lungs.

Love had woven out her heart, had torn it up with the strongest pull and tug.

love had destroyed her soul.

Love had infiltrated her brain,

completely and fully.

And like a puppet of love,

despite the ton of weight,

she breathed,

she lived,

she continued sharing her smiles to the world that had brought her the utmost joy

but taken that very joy away with a bit of an eyelash.

Love is terrifying,

it keeps you up at night whispering words, words of venom masked in the sweetest perfume.

love kills,

it takes the colour from our skin, our rosy cheeks,

and replaces it with scabs and scars.

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