5 Reminders You Need To Read Today

Over time, we need some appreciation and reminders to go on. To move on to happiness and joy. Here are 5 things which helped me hope this helps you too. 5 things you need to hear today- 1. You are worth saving, no matter who says otherwise. 2. You can’t control what you feel. 3. Not everyone is the same. We can give our best … Continue reading 5 Reminders You Need To Read Today


Sting –  a carefully planned operation, typically one involving deception. Backstabbing stings a lot, because you never expect this from that person who you loved the most. You can’t get them out of your mind, yet you want to smack them violently hard on head. You know hating a person won’t fix your problems, but instead it blinds your rage and makes you forget why … Continue reading Sting