Am I being selfish?

Sit down and ask yourself, ‘What is the most important thing to me?’ What grosses me out the most? What makes me the most upset — is it healthcare? Is it so many people being hungry in our culture? Mix that with doing something you love, something you could keep doing forever and ever. Find something you really care about and mix that with something you love doing.

Career and relationship are both needed in life, but choosing any one of them is cruel and absolutely brutal, I hope you guys won’t have to do this.

30 thoughts on “Am I being selfish?

  1. I like to think there is always a happy medium. You need to make sure your own needs are met, but also the needs of others. If someone isn’t happy with the lifestyle they have chosen for these reasons, it is always possible to make a change.

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  2. Hey. This is a very heartfelt post, I felt a variety of emotions while reading this. You’ve managed to put out an honest piece of writing and you have a very sincere writing style. I am Ragazza, I hope you could also follow my blog page. I would really like it. Cheers! 😊

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