Is it too early?

Is it too early for me, to make these kind of desicions?

13 thoughts on “Is it too early?

  1. Hope is something that we all seek into achieve our goals. Maybe we lose some of our previous dignity and we learn from it and ridicule by everybody and finally one has to win or the immense achievement we all are destined to acquire our own charisma.

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      1. The dictations of the so called societal norms hampers all of us what we want to and not want to do. While you try to break it, they will ridicule you, ridicule to a position leading to a worthless position and when you succeed which becomes envious to them. But to some, maybe a few will inspiration. One has to be an inspirator to make people see what others are unable to check on the opportunity. That’s how you create hope. Hope is what all we live for. Hope is a breathing space. We all need to strengthen our hope to achieve what we want.

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  2. Interesting. In the past I have lost hope many times but it always comes back like itโ€™s part of us. Also I noticed that when I stopped hoping and said ยซย f*ck itย ยป I got lots of things done… ๐Ÿค”

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