Turn of events

This is what happened-

1)I wanna drown in a bottle of bourbon
just to numb the pain of the grenade you left in my heart
each fragment ricochets whispers of your voice.

2)Lying on the floor staring at the ceiling where
our memories are scribbled but I just can’t seem to shield my eyes
maybe it’s because I’m still hoping to hold your hand or is it because
my heart is too heavy that I need both hands to carry it.

3)Your laughter used to fill every crevice of this shackled place with a glimmer of hope.
But after our altercation and throwing our memories down the drain where bits of my heart lay,
I must accept the fact that you will never be a part of my equation.

4)How can I even keep my emotions from flowing out?!
when the stars and the moon come crashing down while shouting your name, the splash of the waves contains your tears, and the wind which carries your scent makes me nostalgic about the day that we first met.

5)I yearn for a coconut to hit me on the head just to forget the agony. 

Turn of events

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