CANVAS OF LIFE book review

Published on: 1 edition (2019)
Print Length: 180 pages
Language: English

Blurb- ‘This collection of short stories explore the details of human life in the background of Human Psychology, Science & Spirituality. In some way, the essence of the stories addresses the age-old question of what it means to be human.’

The book comprises of 8 short stories which are alluring and really gripping. It gives a deep insight into human behavior, psychology, belief, and faith.

The narration is extremely lucid, expressive and receptive. I loved the borders around the pages, it actually gave the feel of the canvas! So beautiful and creative.

The font could have been much better and a bit bigger. The author has done great research to write these stories, that totally reflected in his writing. The stories are written in simple and easily understandable language so that everyone can enjoy it.

While reading I was fascinated that the author took daily life situations and built his story around that situations, it made me feel that anything can happen to anybody and also helped me relate more to the characters in a way.

Stories are really inspirational. Overall a good read.

5 stars from my side.

Buy the book from here- Amazon 

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