My Teeth Hurts

This account has nothing to do with that but a dream I had on Sunday. It was quite an unusual dream, the way it felt was as if I wasn’t dreaming at all. I could feel and hear as if I was there. Sometimes the images would be distorted and the color would be black & white or faded colors trying to blend through. The way I was seeing my dream was as if I was looking through a telescope; through one eye.

I will need your advice on what happened… How can a dream hurt me in reality? I mean I’ve gone through every “explainable thing”. Before someone claims that I knocked my jaw on the bedside table, I didn’t because I don’t have one.

Dream time:

The dream that I had was about a lady, she was wearing 19th-century clothing. I’m not sure, but I know it wasn’t from our time. She was distressed, 3 men were taking away her son and she was pleading them not to take her boy away. The 3 men, however, did not seem to be bad at all, as if they were feeling pain too by doing the “evil deed”.

The woman pleads with one of the men that was holding her, to give her child back and was crying as to why they were doing this to her.

Everything flashes and I see the woman sitting on the couch, curled up and crying in pain. She stands and talks to herself, telling herself that she has to find her son no matter what, even if she gets herself killed.

Everything flashes again and I see the woman burning, having her head up screaming in pain, everything stops as if time had seized and everything reverses to the day they took her son away. Somehow everything changes, the woman directly looks at me and asks me to help her, and even though I couldn’t do anything I felt great fear when it happened. It was like I was a visitor and I could only watch but not act. After the woman asked for my help, one of the men who was holding her looked at me and punched me out, I woke up with my jaw hurting, and now it sort of clicks… Like if I place my teeth to be straight for a smile and then open it, it tends to click to the right (my right).

It was about 6:00am when I woke up, with my jaw hurting when I was trying to open it, obviously I wasn’t thinking about the dream but my jaw, panicking that I was unable to open my mouth wide, when I was able to open it without it hurting I laid back down to hear a voice… “I’m so sorry”

I hid under my blanket.

P.S: my jaw still clicks, and I’m going to see a doctor about it, I’m so scared that I won’t be able to open it because every morning after that incident, I would wake up with my jaw hurting, though not as bad as the first time it happened.

So guys, now you tell me, what the hell happened exactly?Β  πŸ˜‰

17 thoughts on “My Teeth Hurts

  1. even though it must be painful to you, sounds interesting to me. did you tell the doc of your dream? maybe as remedy you have to go back, punch back and save the woman.


  2. This is quite very normal with me. I dream and wake up with multiple scratch marks or muscle aches the following morning if I have dreamt of any action kind of dream.
    And coming to your TMJ issue, there could be multiple reasons. The commonest being clenching the teeth. Or maybe you might had yawned widely in your sleep which is causing the clicking. You can trust me, im a dentist you see !

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  3. That sounds like an amazing, but scary dream. Definitely something you should look into a bit more. There are loads of dream dictionaries out there and working out what was going on in your subconscious could make it seem less scary. It could be that this women represents your fears and worries and that perhaps you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed by them. However, the fact that the women then asks for help, could mean, that actually you are strong enough to overcome and problems that you are confronted with.
    Either way, your sore jaw is probably from you clenching it or grinding your teeth while your asleep, which is not uncommon. Hope that helps!


  4. Hmmmmm sounds odd, for the dream i would say that perhaps you’ve read a book or saw a movie from the ’60s or something a while ago? And your jaw it might be that you’ve punched yourself unconsciously or your mouth distorted too much while dreaming?

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      1. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
        Who knows? Some people speak, some people tighten their teeth, some other chew……

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