What to do when your child is a psychopath?

  At 11, Priya was just over 4 feet tall and has wavy black hair and a steady gaze.  She flashed a smile when I ask about her favorite subject (biology) and grimaces when I ask about her least favorite (math).  She seems poised and cheerful, a normal preteen.  But when we steer into uncomfortable territory—the events that led her to this juvenile-treatment facility nearly … Continue reading What to do when your child is a psychopath?

Downward Spiral, part- 2

The human anatomy is a delicate and intricate set of work, done precisely to excel at many things, including their primal urges- mating, self-preservation, and killing. There are several parts of our body, functioning in their own separate ways, yet in unison. But my favorite is the neck, so delicate yet agile. From a single slit sideways, we could behold the beauty to the whole … Continue reading Downward Spiral, part- 2