First date unplanned, surprisingly it went well L+A

His right leg kept bouncing nervously under the table when he grabs his phone once more to check out the time. His screen reads 8:43 which means that Andrew has been sitting at this table for almost an hour now. Almost an hour of him waiting like a fool. The waitress came up to ask if he was ready to order yet, while people were giving him pitying looks when he keeps telling her that he’s still waiting on someone and if she could please just give him some more time, she’ll be here soon.  Because he believes it.  He still believes that Joni is going to show up like she promised, even though she hasn’t been answering Andrew’s calls and texts for the past three hours.

The whole situation is ridiculous and shameful. Andrew is literally sitting all alone in a romantic restaurant, clearly made for couples, where the tables are only for two and the lights are tamed to give off an intimate vibe. And he’s alone. He’s alone and surrounded by all these couples. He knows that he should just get out of here and he knows that he needs to stop expecting anything from his girlfriend. He’s tired of being let down all the time whenever they have something planned. Is it too much to ask for, one date night?

The worst part is that it wasn’t like that at all in the beginning. When they first started dating, Joni  was sweet and caring and she loved to go out on dates with Andrew. And it’s because of these good moments that Andrew keeps clinging onto the idea that maybe his girlfriend will care enough about their relationship to try and get things back to the way they were.

Andrew sighs heavily when his eyes lock with the waitress, who is once again walking up to him with a strained smile.  Yeah, he knows he should leave.

“Sir,” She starts in an apologetic tone when she stops by his table. “I’m really sorry but it’s been an hour and if you’re not going to order anything, you need to go so we can get the table free for–”

Andrew nods in understanding, already pushing back his chair when a loud voice calls out from behind the waitress, interrupting her speech.

“Oh god, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry baby.  I was stuck at work and then the traffic was crazy!” A small chuckle and then, a girl with messy bed-hair that Andrew has never seen before in his life takes the chair opposite him and smiles brightly towards Andrew before she turns to the waitress. “Hi, you don’t mind giving us a few more minutes?” The waitress blinks at her, probably just as awestruck as Andrew is right now in front of such a beautiful human-being, before she shakes her head to clear it up, a charming smile on her face.

“No problem, mam.”

The stranger grins and reaches out to take the menu from her hands. “I’ll take this, thank you so much.”

And then she’s gone, and Andrew finds himself frozen and speechless in his chair. Unable to tear his gaze away from the woman that is currently looking through the menu with her utmost attention. He is apparently not the only one that can’t look away, Andrew can see people from his peripheral vision turning their heads to look at the stranger that joined him at the table.

The woman looks up from the menu and Andrew nearly falls from his chair when their eyes lock together.

Oh, wow.

And that’s all his brain can supply right now because those eyes.  Those. Eyes.  They’re not real. Andrew has never seen eyes like these before. So intense. So black, smoldering even. So captivating…  Fuck.

“I’m Lucia,” the stranger says low enough to not be heard by the others but loud enough that Andrew catches what she says. And well, even if he didn’t, he would have understood it anyway because as soon as Lucia opened her mouth to speak, Andrew’s eyes instantly went to her lips. “Just go with it… I don’t know who you were supposed to meet but, they’re a prick for not even bothering to show up.”


His decision is made when he meets Lucia’s expectant eyes and says, “I’m Andrew.”

“Andrew,” Lucia repeats his name in a whisper like she’s trying out the sound of it in her mouth for the first time. And it’s so endearing that Andrew needs to mentally scold himself for even thinking that. He can’t go and get all funny feelings about this girl, that he knows nothing about, just saying his name.

He has a girlfriend, doesn’t he?

Will post the next part soon, stay tuned 😉

Let me know how this was. And if you want to read more about Lucia and Andrew then simply search for L+A, and all the posts will show up.

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