Sound of Silence

It’s the sound only silence makes.
So loud and dark, it only comes when a heart breaks.
It’s the loudest silence you’ve ever heard,
It can’t be hushed with any words.
When you hear, your own heart breaks.
So why keep listening for goodness sakes?
Cause your living in a perfect world under glass.
You are just so happy it’s hard to surpass.
But the smile you wear is so close to breaking.
And no one can tell how much you’re aching.
So the sound your listening for tonight,
Is the sound of your heart breaking, to shed some light.
On the shattered remains of your soul.
But this perfect life has always been taking its a toll.
So it’s time to quit listening for heartbreak and shatter the glass.
To step out of this life, and stop living in the past.
So stop letting it break, and give it away.
After all, you can become whole again someday.
But what of the sound of a whole heart beating again?

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