The Blue Monster Among Us

I can remember my dreams, I know it’s strange but I really can remember each minute detail, what happened, how it happened or etc. It’s a first for me to write and post about a dream, I am going to write as much as I can recall ri8 now. Bear with me guys, and hope I you can make sense of what I am writing about 😉

It was the dawn of the modern year, 2080 or something like that. With technologies touching the sky, development was on whole other level, there was fierce competition among the people, fighting each other for daily survival needs. Even though I resided in a nice home, I daily had to scuttle with rest of the gangs for food. There was a terrible shortage of food as a famine hit us a few years back. There was another problem, death, happening at a constant rate but I am coming to that later.

My name was T, only a letter; don’t know why so. And my partner was- M. We were crazily in love, and used to live together. But then one-day military soldiers came guns blazing and tore our house apart. We had no idea why but they kicked us out, didn’t have much time but they gave us two minutes each to gather whatever we could. I took my bag which held my visa, some cash and whatever else it contained. M didn’t have much with him so he gathered some food and money which we stashed and hid earlier and then we both were thrown on the street while the rest of the soldiers lit our house on fire. It took me a while to notice my surrounding, at first I couldn’t believe what I saw, out whole community was burning, the buildings, high poles, trees everything, while several people were scattered on the road, they stood helplessly as their belongings were getting destroyed in front of them. On the mike someone was announcing something, as gradually the noise reduced the sound became crisp and clear- “we need people immediately to evacuate their homes and move away to a different county, asap, the delay won’t be entertained. Everyone needs to move within three days from now”.

M clutched my hand tightly and we began to run, with no direction in mind. After a while, we reached a burnt down house, which was obviously empty and we took a small break. We had our visas with ourselves and decided to immediately change countries but I couldn’t figure out what the hell was the hurry that they had to destroy our homes and uproot us from our regular lives. Upon reaching the booth where we were supposed to submit our visas, there were almost 20 or 30 people ahead of us in line. Some of them looked kinda bluish, I don’t know how else to describe them. A guy had these weird look on his face, while it seemed like almost half of his face was dusted from some emerald blue color. But I averted my eyes when he caught me staring. After waiting for almost 3 hours our time came, and another hour went by when the clerk refused to accept M’s visa. But ultimately made a deal with him and he agreed, we decided to give up our share of food and transfer it to that clerk’s home. Everything is possible in a dream it seems. 😉

Anyways, we went to Spain, but the condition there was way worse then what we left behind. The government was very strict here, even the slightest aversion from rules resulted in people getting killed off. People were getting affected by a virus called ‘Blue’ which was life-endangering; it slowly begins to eat the human flesh and kills the victim within 48 hours. Scientists have failed to reverse engineer this virus and ultimately failed in their attempts of procuring a cure.

Wow, what a worst way to possibly die of. M and me we built ourselves a shabby small home and started to live there. After a few days, when I woke up in the morning I witnessed our sheets was drenched with blue sweat. Immediately my heart sank as I had only 2 days to live. I searched for M but he was nowhere so I shouted frantically calling his name. When he entered through the door, my eyes immediately fell on his face, his face has emerald blue color.

At that moment, I woke up with a sudden jolt, the morning sun was falling on my face while mom was shouting as I was late for class. 😉

32 thoughts on “The Blue Monster Among Us

  1. Wow, that is detailed. Aren’t dreams your body’s own way to deconstruct and deal with the events of the day? I am pretty sure I read an article in New Scientist about it–I wonder what awful stresses you were dealing with that day that led to such a nightmare. You should write it up in more detail and add to it, it could sell as a novella or short story.

    Oh, and I have a no-obligation nomination, if you would like to participate:

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