Under The Night Sky

After impatiently waiting for several months, we- the happy couple finally set the date to visit the beach. The whole week just went perfectly, we partied, and we danced to loud music and dined with creamy crabs. Full of food and high on spirits, on the last night he planned a sweet surprise for me. He made plans to spend the night on a beach, with a small bonfire in front of us, mingled into each other under the naked stars.
I don’t know why I looked towards our car, parked at a few feet away from us, but when I did I saw him there. He stood against my car’s window, peeking from inside. His forehead rested against the glass, and his eyes were still and light and he smiled a lipstick-red, cartoonish grin. And he just stood there in the window. I couldn’t move, I was frozen and watched him looking past me through the glass. Even though the car was a little far away from us, I could see his perfect haunting face, crystal clear.
Oh, please no. His smile never moved but he put his hand through and slid it down the glass, watching me. With matted hair and yellow skin and face through the window.
I couldn’t do anything. I just stayed there, frozen, feet still tangled in the blanket; I couldn’t look away from this man’s face, as if he wanted to hurt me deeply. The whole night, he stayed in our car while his hand was slowly trying to reach me. I did not bat my eyes the whole night, and when the night finally passed, he faded away in front of me without leaving any trace.

How much did you like it guys?? Let me know, tried something new there 😉


11 thoughts on “Under The Night Sky

  1. ye know i would love to meet u as a person because tis creepy alright 🙂

    but its also symbolic. Like in a relationship, you get distracted on all your irrational fears and don’t pay attention to the other person or something

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