Sleepwalker, where did you go

I am in a dark room, and I have no clue how I got here.

Why is the spider the main key element of fear? How would I know, I am asking you.

I thank the lord as this time I am not tied up to anything, that’s a relief but my eyes are paining like hell. So many questions, but not a single answer. Nothing to be afraid of yet as I am not scared of ghosts anymore (occasionally when I watch horror movies) I need to get out of here. But what the heck, there is no light switch. Just like an upcoming branch from nowhere, I smacked my toe onto a door.

But as my eyes adjusted to the poorly lit hallways, I finally ended up going to the bathroom but I couldn’t see the mirror, or my own reflection for that matter, I could only see the tip of my head, and the only way to see my whole face was if I stood on the stool provided as the mirror was too high.

But somehow managing to get up, I looked up at the mirror, I walked back out and around the house, and that’s all I remembered, I ended up going to the bathroom again and looked up at the mirror and THERE! There was this most hideous thing I have EVER SEEN white pale, freaky – I don’t know… But it reached its hand out, I remembered I screamed and passed out.

Finally, I ended up waking up to my parents room.

Here is the freaky part. My mom didn’t tell me this, but when we were at my Grandma’s house I overheard my mum talking about the incident to my aunt, what I heard freaked me out, which at that time caused me to not be able to sleep by myself for 4 years and not be able to look at mirrors during the night (even until now – I cannot look at a mirror at night).

When my mom came in to get me, she saw a shadow figure over my body, she apparently yelled for my dad and grabbed me, what made her freak out even more was that, my eyes were opened and my face was white as snow.

When I asked her about the incident, she said I was sleep walking again, as the meds stopped working. She is taking me to the doctor’s office tomorrow, and it is not a big deal.

Till now whenever I ask her about this incident I sense that she is terrified but she doesn’t answer anything.

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