Help !!!

Hello Guys , how is everyone today ? Hope amazing and rocking

I need a teeny tiny help  guys , seriously in dire need. I want to know your opinions  introducing a facebook page in wordpress ( but mostly creating it first  😉 ).

Will it do me any good? I  have no  fair  idea that’s why I am asking you guys , what do you think. I have seen many people own atleast 1 facebook page and promote their blogs  with friends and followers. But I have blocked some people in my fb account and I am worried that they will gain access to my page after creating it.

Anyways  surely  let me know  🙂

9 thoughts on “Help !!!

  1. Nice site nominated you for an award so I have looked through your site. Re your question I have a very select FB page and post all of my blogs there too. The support and feedback I get is awesome. It does not increase any stats as they all comment on the page, but I do not care about that sort of stuff. If you feel vulnerable about any of your writing I would keep it separate because comments can hurt or change the way you write. If you feel strong and do not give a then do it. Only you know.

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  2. Not sure that I will be much help, seeing as how I am not saying one way or the other. I have been contemplating the same thing and it appears we have similar worries. It may be a good idea if you go that route and you feel comfortable enough doing it. I think it’s your call though! Best of luck either way, friend! 🙂

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