Book Review- Faith and the Beloved

This is the second book from Kochery C Shibu that I am reviewing, and I was excited to read another story from him. Have to say he did not disappoint. Love, lust, money, pain, you name it and the author has mixed each element so beautifully in this story. Blurb- Naithy Cherokil is a rich and successful businesswoman from Mumbai who marries the young and … Continue reading Book Review- Faith and the Beloved

The secret buried under the tree

When I saw the woman in the middle of the road swat thin air, I recognized it; schizophrenia. I approached her, she turned, and her face distorting horribly, her hands waved me away. “No, no! Go, go now!” she demanded, heading off down the road. I followed at some distance, trying carefully not to spook her. “I can still see you,” she sung to me … Continue reading The secret buried under the tree

Love you to your bones, my love

‘Park here,’ Tia said, ‘We’re early and I’d like to sit in the sunshine for a while.’ Daksh parked the car in one of the empty bays and went to purchase a ticket. When he got back to the car Tia was standing by the door grinning broadly. ‘See!’ she said. ‘You’re holding on to the door,’ Daksh said, ‘you’re cheating.’ ‘Huh.’ Daksh walked round … Continue reading Love you to your bones, my love

I’m not going anywhere, baby.

I strained a smile and sipped from my cup. “It’s going to be okay, Rohan,” Tia said, leaning over the table to touch my hand. The lights flickered; I pulled my hand away, anxiety filling my stomach. She was confused. “I’m sure she’ll be found, you just need faith.” “Sure,” I responded, taking another sip. She stared into my eyes, interrogating me silently, “You need … Continue reading I’m not going anywhere, baby.

Why Did You Go Offline? – Tap Chat Story

Warning- 15+ (It’s not gore or adult content, it’s just somewhat horror or mysterious genre, if you get spooked easily then go away kids, this is not for you, check at your own risk 😉 ) HELLO PEOPLE, what’s up with everyone on this doozy Sunday?? I hope you are having fun, coz someone should and its definitely not me today 😦 So what I … Continue reading Why Did You Go Offline? – Tap Chat Story

Don’t underestimate the little girl

It was quiet. My boss ordered me to check out this abandoned mental hospital. What he didn’t tell me was that the hospital was out in the middle of nowhere. As I was paying attention to the road, driving slow, and something jarred me from my thoughts. A white figure seemingly splotched with blood, or something that looked a lot like blood – darted across … Continue reading Don’t underestimate the little girl

Bless me, Father for I Have Sinned

The door to the confessional opened, the light burned my eyes and I squinted. I heard the person sit, and I waited. “What have you come to confess, my child,” I said, listening to the heavy breathing in the booth next to me. “It’s okay, you are among God now.” “Forgive me father, for I have sinned,” the man’s voice announced. “That’s okay, I’m here … Continue reading Bless me, Father for I Have Sinned

She Died, I Couldn’t- Final Part

Neurotic – a person who is afflicted with a neurosis or who tends to be emotionally unstable or unusually anxious. Some people are neurotic in nature, they hide it behind their beautiful yet deceiving and cunning exterior. Have you ever wondered, all those actions caused by you, how they are affecting people around you? No, you did not, otherwise, you would have stopped yourself from … Continue reading She Died, I Couldn’t- Final Part

Downward Spiral, part- 2

The human anatomy is a delicate and intricate set of work, done precisely to excel at many things, including their primal urges- mating, self-preservation, and killing. There are several parts of our body, functioning in their own separate ways, yet in unison. But my favorite is the neck, so delicate yet agile. From a single slit sideways, we could behold the beauty to the whole … Continue reading Downward Spiral, part- 2