Pretty girls don’t light their own cigarettes

I can feel my lungs collapsing with every shallow breath and I can’t decide if it’s the holes left behind, from cigarette smoke burns, Or the pieces of me that followed behind you. It’s 1:05 now and as much as I keep trying to warp the truth, the minutes tick on leaving me stranded in seconds of long lost times. And I know cigarette fills … Continue reading Pretty girls don’t light their own cigarettes

How to think radically

What is radical thinking? To deal with ideas problems and solutions we need to think radically. We need to understand how things are connected. How one thing affects another, how language is used. How we analyze what is being said, offered and executed on behalf of ourselves. Of course if you do a “Radical Thinking” search on the internet, far from the views of disgruntled … Continue reading How to think radically