Prayer for survivors of a Devastating Terrorist Attack

My sweet one. He has fallen. He’s down. He has been cut. They’ve landed a strike on him. He is bleeding from the thigh. Dripping down. Red water down the skin. No no.. Allow him to cry.. Let him feel it.. Meanwhile stay with him. Just be there with him. Remain at his side. He needs healing. He is lying down. Wounded. Hurt. Assailed. Damaged. … Continue reading Prayer for survivors of a Devastating Terrorist Attack

We both failed, together

Everything changed the year that we got married.And after that, we moved out to the suburbs.How young we were, how ignorant, how readyto think the only history was our own. A captive, hostage of your vicious anger.The facade of your caring baby blue eyesnow contorted with vicious cruelty.My once unbroken bodynow a mess of tangled hair,busted and bloody lips,fist and finger-shapedbruises. Breath, hot enough to … Continue reading We both failed, together

Tried to catch a- Will o’theWisp

Inspired by the movie- Brave ♥️🌻 From firelit window and open doors, The roads have golden bars; And round and round the world is bound By a girdle of radiant stars; But I watch to-night for a fleeting light That a moment makes or mars. Flit, flit, with the hurrying hours, In shadow and mist and dew Will-o’-the-Wisp, O Will-o’-the-Wisp, I would I could follow … Continue reading Tried to catch a- Will o’theWisp