Wouldn’t hurt you to click

So what’s up people, what are you doing? Didn’t forget me I hope 😉 Posted a new podcast, after so long……feels awesome. Listen to it and let me know how it was. ❤ Click on the link down below or listen on Spotify 🙂 🙂 ❤ https://anchor.fm/piamajumdar/embed/episodes/Set-goals-to-achieve-your-dreams–finding-peace-in-the-process-e3b6el/a-ab2cp7 https://open.spotify.com/episode/21V5NqpBkvZDDhQ1xYQQJZ Continue reading Wouldn’t hurt you to click

Quotes 8

You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction. George Lorimer I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched. Allan Poe   The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. Ralph Waldo Emerson   Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss … Continue reading Quotes 8

Quotes 5

Go big or go home. Because it’s true. What do you have to lose? Eliza Dushku   To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart. Eleanor Roosevelt   If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything.  I am positive that a doer makes mistakes. John Wooden   If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then … Continue reading Quotes 5