Coffee date

what happened to those coffee dates? Where we used to sip from our cuppas sharing comfortable silence…the air loaded with anticipation of what’s to come next. How innocently we used to apologize when our knees brushed under the table. We apologized like nervous schoolchildren.Sharing few words, nothing fancy. Those longing stares, which we didn’t know what they could develop into. I enjoyed your company, you … Continue reading Coffee date

One touch and I Ignite

And look who’s back with a new banger, soon gonna be at the no.1 spot at Billboard. Alan Walker- Ignite. The concept is just wonderful, simple yet powerfully moving if you think about it. An escape to another place, through music, is totally worth it. The cutting-edge artist concept K-391 lets you escape reality through music, by conceptualizing your musical getaway. Instead of an actual … Continue reading One touch and I Ignite