My Vision is my Mission by Ila Singh Review

My Vision is My Mission from Ila Singh is a self-help, motivating book and journal combined in one. What I initially liked about the book was the colourful aesthetic Ila created throughout the entire volume, its real eye-catching and engages the reader to tune in for more. Bonus points for that. There are some well-curated and inspiring quotes sprinkled throughout the book which truly makes … Continue reading My Vision is my Mission by Ila Singh Review

Happy New Year everyone

Happy New Year everyone lets welcome 2020 with a smile. Hope this new year brings peace to everyone and heals the troubled ones 😉 Also, an announcement- I am writing a book, its gonna be a book filled with heart-aching and soothing beautiful poetries. Stay tuned for more updates.  In the meantime, if you want to connect with me on Instagram, here you can- Pia … Continue reading Happy New Year everyone

Your Soul Is a River Book Review

Genre: Poetry Publisher: Thought Catalog Publication date: June 12th, 2016 Author: Nikita Gill Format: Paperback Page Count: 160 Blurb: This is a book about the journey of healing from trauma and becoming whole again. Directions: apply to your soul gently, whilst sitting under the stars. I have no idea what did I do to deserve such an amazingly written poetry book such as Your Soul … Continue reading Your Soul Is a River Book Review

Pillow Thoughts II Book review

Pillow Thoughts II: Healing the Heart Book by Courtney Peppernell Pillow Thoughts II: Healing the Heart by: Courtney Peppernell Published by: Andrews McMeel Publishing on August 7, 2018 Genres: Poetry Pages: 224 Format: Paperback Source: Amazon                Goodreads Rating: 5/5 Following the smash success of her best-selling book, Pillow Thoughts, Courtney Peppernell now returns with the follow-up sequel Pillow Thoughts II: Healing the Heart.  Peppernell understands that healing … Continue reading Pillow Thoughts II Book review

Happy Diwali and Kali puja 2019

Diwali, a religious festival of lots of rangoli decorations using a variety of colored powder, a festival of lights and happiness, a festival of removing darkness, a festival of sweets, a festival of puja, and etc which is celebrated all over India as well as outside the country at many places. It is also known as the row of lights or the festival of lights. … Continue reading Happy Diwali and Kali puja 2019

Current Updates 2

Hey everyone, here’s another post- current updates on what’s going on with me. I am gonna dive straight in, no useless chitter-chatter. Bear with me. 😉 Recently, I started making art journals, bujo inspired (bullet journal) and I am loving it so far. it sure does take up a lot of time, but I can safely say- its worth the wait. I started posting on … Continue reading Current Updates 2

Have faith in yourself

Keep your faith intact, honey, you will bloom again. – Pia Majumdar You know those moments when you tell yourself, “I just gotta trust the universe.” Whether it’s because things in your life feel chaotic or just plain overwhelming, sometimes you just know you need to surrender and learn to trust that things will work out. Trust really is a practice, an art — especially … Continue reading Have faith in yourself