As Bill Watterson said “Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book”, I do agree with him. I don’t get this idea of why people find rain so romantic.

Remember when we started dating, we ditched bio class and went to the mall for a movie? It was such a magical evening, topped off with ice cream and cola drinks…bad decision to have them together.
Anyways, on our way back it suddenly started to pour, I knew you went crazy like a guy straight outta a Nicholas Sparks novel, who gets all lovey-dovey in rain.

We had only one umbrella which barely covered us, due to our height difference, somehow we reached a shed. Not a single soul in sight, two kids stranded in a deserted land. While we were waiting for any mode of transportation, you failed to notice that water was beginning to puddle till my knees. Then you started to laugh while calling me all names there are for short people.

I’m not that short for the record, but yes, you practically carried me till bus stop….

I don’t know why you tease me still to this day… you weren’t laughing a few moments back when you were all romantic and shit and trying to kiss.