Maybe, you shouldn’t trust him,
with the razor in his hand tonight.
I do hope that you find a way to keep your head
above the waves and remain afloat.
I just won’t be the one who jumps in to save you
when you’re drowning and
pull you up onto my lifeboat.

I really hope that one of the many days
you are feeling helpless that you somehow find the strength
to not resort to picking up a razor,
pressing it against your skin and making yourself bleed scarlet.
Because seriously I’m sorry but,
I won’t be the one who’s there to interfere
or to bandage up your self-inflicted wounds.

Because I won’t be there ever again,
not even in your time of need.
I so badly do hope that you one day
you find the type of love that you need to find
within yourself.
I just won’t be there to love you anymore myself,
I too will be destroyed along with you, slowly
hidden from your prying eyes.

~ Pia Majumdar