Wild World by Deepak Arora, Book Review

• Book name: Wild World
• Author: Deepak Arora
• Reading level: 10 – 14 years
• Paperback: 200 pages
• Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors; First edition (14 December 2018)
• Language: English

Official blurb- Bali, the langur, decides to move back into the Wild World after getting fed up of chasing monkeys in the city. Bhola, the bear, escapes to the jungle from the brutalities of his human owner to lead a happy and satiated life.

On the night of Bali’s welcome party, Bali saves Raja, the tiger, from the bullets of a poacher.
The other animals are impressed and request him to go back to the city and help Rani, the tigress, to escape from the City Zoo. Wild World is a whacky and hilarious tale of a runaway langur and an ever-hungry bear who join paws to save the jungle from becoming a human colony.

First of all, I wanna say that it takes a lot of talent and integrity to write for children. The writing must be kept simple and engaging, but it can still be beautiful. After all, these stories must be exciting and very imaginative, something I also love in books for adults. The best children’s stories, however, can be enjoyed by people of all ages – and Wild World is definitely one such story.

In this easy read, Deepak Arora has explored dimensions of human-animal conflict, the threat over forests and how humans are slowly destroying every animal print on this earth. Reading this book will make you realize the harm we are causing to the environment. It is well suited for children to make them realize the importance of nature and its conservation.

I always loved the jungle world, despite its dangers and secrets. I just wanted to run with the wolves, learn the language of every species from Bali and climb on Bhola’s back. Adventures can come through books as well, and a reader lives a thousand lives. And I truly lived this adventure while reading this wonderful book.

This book brought back the memories of me watching ‘The Jungle Book’ where animals could talk and do what’s right for their kind. This book had illustrations in between which made the read interesting and also the writing was so accurate for children to love.
Wild World by Deepak Arora
It was amazing and wild, but at the same time, the exquisite vocabulary cannot be ignored. It was childish but also had lots of metaphors for matters of our society. It was truly a lovable read.

I think this book took me to another level of imagination and creativity. Moreover, the book became more predictable at the end. I recommend this to beginners.

My rating- 4.5/5

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