The Castle On The Hill

It’s gonna be night soon, please promise you won’t be late in this unknown place? I promise ma, please shant ho jao. Travelling with your fun once you are older is never fun.

Anyways, I finally convinced mom to let me go for an evening stroll along the outskirts of the forest, while a tiny trail followed through. Of course, I didn’t give her the details of where I was going as I didn’t know them myself. We were visiting this mountain for a day, and we will be leaving for our next destination tomorrow morning at 4 am ASAP.

The locality was slowly fading away as the sun went down by inches, and I sped up toward the forest trial. The western sky began to glow red, it is dusk.

A cool wind begins to blow. It grows dark and calm. Birds begin to fly back to their nests. The weary farmer also retraces his footsteps homewards with his cattle. Slowly the weather became pleasant. My tired nerves seemed to get a new life. Perfect silence reigns everywhere.

It’s been 2 hours since I started walking from the hotel room and I came to a surprising halt. I saw a stranger sitting under a badly cramped tent near a small pile of burning wood. Damn, it was really cold and I forgot to bring my jacket with me.

As I slowly neared the fire he noticed me approaching and straightly asked- are you lost?

No, I am not lost, I was just taking a stroll and lost track of time. The stranger was amused by my answer as his eyes instantly lit up with a twitch of sly smile beginning to form near the corner of his lips.

Ok, want to join me then? I definitely wanted to soak my hands from the warmth of the fire and sat beside him under the roof of the tent.

‘I am Daksh, I live near here, where are you from?’ Trust me, people, when I say this, this man was really drop-dead gorgeous, and that too in a mysteriously hot scruffy beard way.

After introducing myself and having a small conversation he got up as he was supposed to head home hours ago. Just like me. Jeez, it was almost 9 pm, where did the time fly.

‘I want to show you something, I promise it’s not that far just a short distance from here’. I can’t say no this face now, can I? ‘Ok, sure, but I have to be back soon’, but I think it was rather meaningless by now. How can you possibly be attracted to someone you just met a few moments ago? Got any clue? Nope.

We were sharing our silence rather comfortably, which was not what I expected from a stranger. ‘So why are you alone here, where’s your boyfriend?’

Ha-ha, he totally went for it, ‘I am travelling with my parents, and I hope my boyfriend is travelling somewhere with someone in this big universe.’

Again, a shy smile was playing along the corner of his smirk. ‘There it is, we are home now’. Wow, this was his home?? It was a fucking castle for crying out loud.

‘You live here?’ ‘Yes Tina, this is my home’ he replied while stifling a chuckle. This loving stranger showed me his house (which is a castle) within a few moments of knowing me, what does this mean?

‘Wow Daksh, this is huge, you must be loads rich’ I rambled on like a baboon hit with lightning.

‘My parents own this place not me, I live somewhere else’ he replied. ‘I really need to head home now, it was really nice meeting you man’, I finished the sentence in a haste after I saw my mom calling for the 48th time.

‘Hey wait up, waiiiiiit up girl’, he came sprinting behind me, ‘can we meet tomorrow again?’ ‘I am leaving for our next tour destination tomorrow, sorry’, his eyes were instantly filled with sorrow, can’t say mine wasn’t.

‘Can I have your number then?’ ‘Ya, it was nice meeting you Daksh, I mean it’.

‘I will meet you again, wait for me’. I was shocked by that comment honestly and I asked him while he was slowly heading through the gate backwards, facing me. ‘But how?’

‘Wait for me Tina, these things take time’, he winked at me before disappearing through the trail in the night. I was left speechless.

Afterwards, my mom scolded me the whole night, or what was left of it anyway, but I didn’t feel any remorse, I was rather waiting for the special text that was meant to reach soon 😉

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