Are you high?

Pia majumdar

Tell me a reason to stay
Tell me a story that makes me forget the pain
Sing me a song that won’t break my heart
But the whispers won’t let me listen to your beautiful voice

There’s something through my eyes
There’s something in my head
But there’s nothing in my heart

You wanna be with me
I know
But you don’t like my dope
I can see the evil with my eyes closed
The devil likes my blood
Full of drugs

Do you know how it is? 
I think you don’t
Living like a ghost
Feeling like a zombie.

Like a sort of drug,
or midnight shot of tequila.
Warmth floods 
my body.

Are you high? Are you using again?
Our hands meet in the dark,
Under the influence of these feelings,
I know I could chase this high forever.

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