Truth or dare, choose one

I loved you every day
as the very first day and the very last

I saw nothing else but you and felt all
There could have ever been

Brief little lightning ripples through me
Through the wind
They flower in your footsteps
Yet form a fading path, not to you
But to the abyss of imminent loss-

When you turn your back for the day
Or since the day you walked away
When I awake from my only truth-
When I meet your name in my dreams
(For I dare not dream of thee)-
When I truly feel the longing pain of living.

Poem by Pia Majumdar
Pic credit- Flowsofly

In your absence
I fall
Every day in breathless suffocation
Pleading for your presence
Through the darkness of this bottomless pit-
That’s only occasionally accompanied by my rain-
Formed when the support and ground of your being
Mercilessly tore away from me

In your happiness
Distances away from me
How I wish to land
And gift you my final absence
And take away the presence
Of my helpless unwanted

Yet the cycle always repeats
And I have no choice but to
Joyously suffer for
This love
Swept in and swept away
By the wind

Well, you think you got away
Almost start to get amused
But what, Dear, if I dare you
To tell me the truth

So you feel your palms get sticky
And your pulse rate starts to rise
When you see the state of things
When you finally realize

Although it’s obvious by now
And there’s not much left to do
Just to make it clear and final
Let me lay it out for you

No matter what you choose
You’ll Be left in despair
So what do you say, Dear
Truth or Dare?





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