Have faith in yourself

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Keep your faith intact, honey, you will bloom again.

– Pia Majumdar

You know those moments when you tell yourself, “I just gotta trust the universe.” Whether it’s because things in your life feel chaotic or just plain overwhelming, sometimes you just know you need to surrender and learn to trust that things will work out.
Trust really is a practice, an art — especially in those moments when it feels like you’re working hard and things just aren’t happening. In the wellness world, we put so much emphasis on the importance of letting go, relinquishing the need to control and learning to trust that things will simply be taken care of.
Our strongest, most powerful connection to all the stars, the cosmos and everything else around us that can guide us, is actually within us. So often, when we get caught up in thinking that we need to “trust the universe,” we somehow think some external force is going to swoop into our lives and save us from all the challenges we are experiencing.
In other words: we automatically position ourselves as dependent, weak and disempowered in relation to some elevated idea of “the universe.”

This mode of trusting the universe is based in fantasy: we act like Rapunzel, stuck in a tower with all that long hair, waiting for the prince to come and save her. But in reality, Rapunzel could have just tied the ends of her hair to the window frame and climbed down herself.
To sum it all up: The best way to trust the universe is to learn to trust yourself. Rather than just indiscriminately repeating the mantra “let go,” get curious about what specifically is preventing you from stepping up. And then let go of that specific thought, belief, assumption or whatever it is. Know that the universe is loving you by serving you, even if that doesn’t please you.

Sometimes, not getting what we want is even better, for example- a car accident 😉

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16 thoughts on “Have faith in yourself

  1. Trusting yourself AND the Universe is a great combo. Sometimes we need to just let it go, but sometimes we just need to dedicate ourselves into accomplishing things.
    Rapunzel would have HURT if she tied her hair and climbed down.

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  2. I can definitely feel with this post. Sometimes, life can be a bit hard but maybe these things are meant to happen for a better future. The best we can do for now is to trust and run with the course. Thanks for sharing these vibes :).

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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    1. Upon reading this I would have never thought this way. Blog posts like this help me see how others view the world. I appreciate this post. It opened my eyes to see things differently. Thank you for posting!

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