Warm wishes on Eid everyone

Little boy
Who do you weep?
A father?
A mother?
A sister drowned in a river so deep
Little boy
Why do you weep?
the colorful holiday has turned bleak
Happy children drowned
Corpses drifted along the stream
Dawn began with joy
And the sun sat with grief
Little boy
Don’t hide your tears
For the life you knew is gone for good
The pain, once so foreign, is now closed
Life, once smiling, has frowned
Family, oh how loving, has drowned
Little boy
Let me sit beside you and weep
A tragedy that dimmed the joy of Eid
The souls who flew toward the sky
Along with the smoke of the festival’s fire
Lit on mountain tops, so high.


“May God give you the happiness of heaven above. Happy Eid Mubarak To You All.”

On 21/March/2019, a holiday in Iraq, a ferry flipped over on the Tigris river in northern Iraq, and nearly 100 people drowned, with over a 100 still missing, most of them are women and children, may their souls rest in peace. 
In the busyness of your day, remember them in your prayer for today. my father was brother was present at that time in Iraq and he narrated the whole story after coming home. 

Spread joy as much as you can, we have limited time on our hand’s people:-)

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