I was ready.

I was ready to fall again.
ready to jump without any hesitation.
To see my lips form a smile for another person.

To feel the butterflies in my stomach come alive again.
To know that I’m falling and someone’s going to catch me, as soon as possible,
before I hit the ground again.I was ready to open myself again.

To show what has been hidden inside of me,
all the darkness that I’ve fought,
all the light that I’ve ignored.
To know that I’ll be welcomed, no matter how much my past must’ve been, with open arms.I was ready to be with someone again.

To hold their hands, fingers intertwined, in broad daylight.
to sing my favorite songs in the car as we drive late at night.
To feel the warmth of their face as they pull their face close to mine for what seemed to be a kiss.

I was ready for it all but he wasn’t,
and that’s what mattered in the end.