What is war?
war is hope,
to see your loved ones
after it ends,
without knowing if it ever will.war is love,
the kind of love
which turns nation against nation
but stands united together
for once.
War is guilt,
which eats you up
like a worm,
feeding on rotten creatures.
but you can’t do anything now,
all the bloodshed has ended.
You have to live with it forever
buried somewhere in a corner
of your reluctant heart.
We send our children off
to die by the hands of another.
The battle may have been won
but our child will be forever lost.
Even when our children do come back
they are still lost somewhere
in the wreckage of a battlefield
on lands that our feet will never touch.
Our children have taken the fall
and are forever captured
in a life where there is no liberation.
– Pia Majumdar