Happy to announce

Hey guys, the first chapter of my new story is up.
Read it friends and let me know how was it ❀ ❀

Click the link πŸ‘‡

Will You Stay?

17 thoughts on “Happy to announce

  1. Wattpad…. Is it another blogging site…
    I remember your earlier story where you started as a tragedy but ended good..
    Is this of same kind..? You broke his heart and then in a car accident he is gone then…….

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    1. NO, It’s not the same story…phew…dara diya yar.
      Wattpad is not a blogging site, it is acommunity for readers and writers to publish new stories, kind of like books and novels. Do check out the link man πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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      1. Ah sukr hai…Aapne toh mujhe dara diya…
        Hmm I saw that link it seems u have written more.. I read two pages i think. will visit again in mean time…

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