Consent- No means no.

The line between consent and assault
is blurred in my memory
If I gave consent – but I was only a child
while he was three years ahead, a senior
taking advantage of a freshman
is that considered non-consensual?

Even though I did not say no.
This memory has been suppressed for over two years
I don’t remember many details
other than his hand pressed against me
like a hot iron that burned me if I moved,
my shaky breaths of terror he took as pleasure,

I thought it was normal
that I had to reciprocate
that I had to be okay with it.
he flirted with me the days leading up
to that night.

Pia Majumdar

It was seductive and it worked,
I was lured into his trap
my ignorant brain didn’t know any better
it was the beginning of high school
I thought it was normal
I thought I consented.

My lips had just touched another boy before
a sad excuse of a kiss,
I was inexperienced beyond belief
nowhere near ready for his hand to be on me.
I could not even say no
for his family was there to
when he sat next to me in the back seat
he automatically assumed power over me,
while I was powerless.

I told myself to let it go
that it meant nothing and I would get over it
he was my best friends brother
I couldn’t dare risk our friendship
over something I might have
consented to.

Do share this poem friends, let me know how much you connected with this 🙂 ❤

4 thoughts on “Consent- No means no.

  1. Wow! I found it really saddening to see young girls who can’t distinguish between what’s right and wrong fall prey to manipulative older boys. Beautifully expressed!

    Liked by 1 person

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