To all the Ladies out there

Ladies ladies ladies, I want you to know one thing, and sear it forever in your brain- falling in love is the best feeling and experience you will ever have, but what about when you fall out from love?
Who will pick you up then? You think your ex will come running back to pick you?
Nope, that never happens.

You need to pick yourself up lady, you understand me? Only you can raise yourself from your current position.

‘You’ will be there always for you, not anyone else.

– Pia Majumdar

22 thoughts on “To all the Ladies out there

      1. I loyaly follow all whom follow me.
        Everyone who likes or comments on my post, I go straight to their blog and do the same. With so many followers it is the only way I can blog,.
        If someone doesn’t see me for a while on their blog, it mean they haven’t been on my blog.

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