I woke up suddenly by a thumping noise. I realized the sheets of my bed were completely drenched in sweat, but it felt like I saw something move inside the mirror. A face, white and pale in color, with hollow eyes and crimson fluid dripping from the vacant place once where was her eyes.

She placed her hand on the mirror and urged me to touch hers. It felt like she put me in a trance, and I touched the glass. The moment I did, everything went black. I saw my bf search for me after waking up to an empty bed. I called him but he was unable to hear me. No idea why I knocked on the surface before me, it was transparent and I could see him clearly but he couldn’t find me anywhere.

Cold fingers grasped my shoulder and turned me around, behind me stood the girl with no face, crimson fluid still dripping from hollow eyes. She slit my throat in one swift moment, left me on the ground, and vanished among the shadows.

I realized I was trapped in the mirror now, as she slit my throat every night from then on.