Don’t underestimate the little girl

It was quiet. My boss ordered me to check out this abandoned mental hospital. What he didn’t tell me was that the hospital was out in the middle of nowhere.

As I was paying attention to the road, driving slow, and something jarred me from my thoughts. A white figure seemingly splotched with blood, or something that looked a lot like blood – darted across the road in front of me. I slowed even more than I already was and tried to look off to the left where I saw it disappear. There was no trace.

That was weird, I thought to myself, and continued to drive on.

Finally, I arrived at the destination. The place was huge. Not mansion-like, but very close to it. It was definitely abandoned. The siding was like a house’s, but the paint was worn and chipped in multiple places. Some windows were broken. Some had curtains that were so tattered and torn that there was barely anything left of them. Lightning struck in the background. I jumped. If it had been thundering then I hadn’t noticed, since I was deep in thought.

I turned my car off and slowly stepped out. As I shut the door, it creaked and slammed, due to the wind force that was behind it. The hospital seemed to groan, and when I looked up to one of the curtainless windows. A dark figure loomed inside Of it. When I blinked it was gone in a flash. Maybe I just imagined it.

I leisurely walked up to the large front doors of the hospital. I reached for the left wooden door and before I had a chance to push it open it did so on its own with a loud creak. If it opened so easily like that then why didn’t the wind push it open?

I looked inside and the halls were dark. It wasn’t as cold as it was outside, but the inside was even more dark and formidable than the outside. A wooden wheelchair sat alone near the entrance. Above the wheelchair, were large red letters that spelled out: “GET OUT” The letters appeared to be written in blood, but there may have been a few delinquents that were here before me that used paint. I wouldn’t put it past them to do so.

I looked closely through the halls. It was filthy; grime and dirt all throughout the halls and all over the walls. I made a face of disgust and noticed a small light flickering in and out through one of the windows. I peered into it. A body was strapped down to one of the tables. There was a light above it, flickering on and off, sometimes just growing brighter and softer at irregular intervals of speed. The body twitched, just slightly. I looked closer and the body twitched more and more as if having a seizure or being electrocuted. Suddenly a hand swung up and slammed onto the window. It slides down, leaving bright red trails in the shape of its fingers.

A silent scream escaped my mouth and echoed down the abandoned halls. My hand flew up and covered my mouth, and even though no one was there with me, I was sure that someone must have heard me. I peered in through the window again. The body that was strapped to the table had stopped spasming, and when I went to open the door to check the room out, the doorknob wouldn’t budge. It was as if something had jammed the door from the inside. The knob would turn as if it was about to open, but when I went to push, it wouldn’t move an inch.

I turned away from the door. The halls seemed darker than they were when first came in, so pulled the small blue flashlight out of my canvas bad and flicked it on. Peering through the halls with this new light, the halls seemed grungier. There were tables and wheelchairs spread out along the walls, some just sitting out in the middle. The place was already beyond creepy. More doors lined the halls, but they were much farther off than the one that I just looked through. That must have been the room for employees, but somebody had turned it into some type of electrocution. There was a sign on the wall that read BATHROOM, with arrows pointing toward the north end of the hall. I slowly followed the direction of those arrows, quickly looking into windows as I went. These must have been dorms for the patients that had once populated this place. Some had tables, others just had a bedside table with a small metal lamp beside it. I noticed that some of the rooms looked grungier than the others. When I checked the door knobs the cleaner ones were locked. The grungier ones were always unlocked as if someone who didn’t know how to clean up after they were staying there.

I heard my name being whispered. It was like a whisper in the wind, beckoning. “Rohan: the whispers said in a soft voice. It called again. The voice was feminine, calling for me like a siren song, “Rohan we have been waiting for you,” it said again. The voice was so quiet that it was like I would be the only one to hear it. I walked faster, and the voice grew louder.

It rose to a speaking voice. It still sounded like a whisper in the wind, but it was like the wind had grown louder. It sounded like the wind would if a storm were coming. It grew closer, no matter how fast I walked. It sounded as if it giggled, like a young woman. I attempted to ignore it and walked faster. It rose to a scream. “ROHAN!” It never echoed through the halls, like my heavy breathing was as I ran through the halls. There were footsteps behind me, again never echoing, and I ran as fast my legs could take me.

I ran into a bathroom that was down the hall and quickly shut the door behind me. I sank down and placed my head between my knees, trying to steady my breath. A small stream of tears flowed down my cheeks. Finally one of these abandoned places had scared me beyond the point. This place crossed the line.

I heard a creek, like a door opening and closing. The tempo slowly grew louder. It began to sound as if each stall were opening and closing, faster and faster. I jerked my head up to look at the stalls. They were opening and closing, squeaking loudly. Whatever was out there chasing me inside this bathroom. I stood, pulling out my phone from my canvas. I scrolled through my contacts, finding my boss’s number and dialed it. The phone rang once and then went dead. Great. No signal. I lifted my gaze from the phone. In front of me stood a little girl, just half my height.

She grinned. Her crooked and gnarled teeth resembled an old witch instead of a child. She had long, tangled black hair that reached to her waist. Her head twitched slightly, and she drifted closer, her feet not nearly touching the ground. “Rohan,” She grinned, “I’m so glad I’ve finally found you. Now you’re stuck here, and mine!”

She shot toward me. I opened my mouth to scream, but it was sucked out of me. Everything went black.

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