He was a strong man,
the strongest I knew,
but see, he was hurt a long time ago
and ever since, he has not trusted many people.
So when he does, it is beautiful.
It is more beautiful than seeing a butterfly take its first flight.
More beautiful even than watching the first flower of spring bloom.
There was beauty in his strength
but also beauty in his vulnerability.
Beauty in seeing his walls slowly go down.
Beauty in finally hearing him confess his feelings.
Beauty in his laugh
but also beauty in his tears.
He truly was beautiful.


OMG, I didn’t know this poem will get so emotional, but I am glad I finally posted this.

P.S- someone is sniffling in the corner (not me 😦 )

Thank you, everyone, for reading my poem, means a lot to me when you appreciate my writing, love you all (those who are reading) πŸ˜‰ ❀