A Stranger on the Train

WARNING- Little people do not read this


I couldn’t believe I was doing it, hopping on a train and moving to a new city for good. I had planned this long and hard. I had this hunch that this ride would be something. It was my first time on a business class seat, though I deserved something a little fancier than usual – a spacious booth, cushioned seats in old rose color, and a huge glass window for me to enjoy the view.

I sat on the seat next to the window. The cushion felt nice and warm; I kept on running my hand slowly through it.

“Excuse me,” said the guy who took the seat beside me. I shyly smiled, trying to look nonchalant, though, in my head, I found him dapper. Probably about 6 feet, mid-tone brown eyes that looked soft and delicate.

It was going to be a long ride, six hours at the least. The train started moving, and I thought I would love the window view, but I enjoyed the view beside me more. The guy beside me immediately dozed off a few minutes later, and I couldn’t help staring at his face, I almost memorized it. His lashes were luscious, and his lips looked like a supple color of cherry. When he breathed, I saw his throat moved, and for an act so mundane, I found it inexplicably sensual.

Bad things started running through my head and little did I know, I started sliding my hand up my skirt while I gave the slightest moans. I closed my eyes so I could better visualize things, and a few moments later I felt a hand on the inside of my leg. I was taken aback, but the touch was so soft I wanted more of it. I didn’t stop him. I didn’t want to stop him.

It so turned me on. He kept on running his hand on the inside of my thigh ever so gently; it sent beautiful shivers all over my body down to the tips of my toes. My gasps became louder as he continued to stroke my leg towards my already soaked knickers.

And he finally touched my very being.

I gasped for air as hard as I could as he slightly pushed my panties to the side and ran his finger all through the slit.

I opened my eyes and glanced at him. He was satisfying me with one hand while stroking himself over his pants with the other. There was no hiding his bulge that moment; it was way too explicit.

He did it in a gentle yet carnal way, and there was no way I could open my eyes while his finger moved in and out.

For a second there I was lost in the moment – I couldn’t care less if there were people on the adjacent booths.

And while my eyes were shut, I was feeling all the feelings he was giving me, he whispered so close to my ear “it’s just us in here.”

I swear I went out of my head, the tingles were just too overwhelming to handle. In a matter of seconds, I thought I saw a gleaming light while my whole body shook for the best reasons.

My moans became uncontrollable; I was past the point of caring if anyone heard me. It was intense – my lady fluids gushed, and my nails dug deep on to his muscly arms while I came. The lavish train seats, the beautiful stranger whose hands were inside of me, the thick manhood with love juice on my hands – the experience was beyond compare.

I fixed myself as if nothing happened and I fell asleep with a happy grin. We still had a few more hours until our stop, and I knew that the trip was only going to get better.

Only if I knew better, he left abruptly a few moments after we were done, with a sly smile adorning his handsome face. I was left staring at him until the station was left behind.


22 thoughts on “A Stranger on the Train

  1. The warning sign at the first made me laugh. 😃
    But must say, enjoyed the read. Describing like this is an awesome talent possessed by a few☺️

    Liked by 2 people

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