Hey boy

would you listen?
If I said the words
you don’t want to hear
the words I have locked into my soul
the words that would make you feel nothing at all

Would you smile?
Smile for me, tell me I know
If I told you that I loved you dear
loved you more than you would dare
That I love you more than I can bare
Would you hold me close?
Whisper sweet nothings into my ear
as time would slow
if I confessed to you these feelings
that you thought had no further meaning
would you run away?
Not want to deal with this problem
Making your big getaway
Making your great escape
Leaving me behind with my heart agape
Would you feel conflicted
That the closest person to you
Decided that they didn’t want to lose you
The one you treat better than any girlfriend
Would you make this confession the result of our bitter end
Time has torn us apart
Now You may never know
That you will forever remain in my heart
Like the spring after the winter snow

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