Best breakup ever

I was running a little late and was super nervous. When I walked into the bar, it was extremely crowded, and I started to look around. I can remember the panic setting in that he had bailed on the date. I finally saw him, waving at me. My nerves were still running a million miles a minute, but when I walked up to him, he gave me the best hug I have ever had in my entire life. It was a quick hug, but all of the nerves melted away, and I felt so instantly comfortable with him. After sitting down for a brief minute, he practically read my mind and said something along the lines of, ‘I’m sorry. That was such a great hug. Can I hug you again? I’m just so excited to have met you.’ I call it love at first hug, my goofy best replied.
I finally went on a date with my best friend, which he urged me consistently to go after several horrible nights spending in self willowing. Recovering from a breakup is never an easy task, but what lies ahead in the journey, is sure an eye-opener.

Say yes to new possibilities, explore more, and see what’s out there for you. Don’t let a bad relationship EVER, EVER hold you back.
But for those of you who have fallen for a best friend you’re too scared to openly love, let me leave you with one piece of advice; go for it. Tell them as soon as you have the feelings instead of trying to push them down to the deepest parts of yourself. Pull them aside, send a text, leave a note just tell them.
And who knows, maybe your story will turn out different or like mine.

Did you face something like this??

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