Mom, I am a mess Part 2

Remember those nights, when you were five
I sat and held you down to calm your soul
After your father left you
The anger you had at 14, which you took out on me
The lost time we had because of the two jobs
I had in order for us to make it

But it was important
Don’t you remember the important thing I taught you
If you did what you wouldn’t
then you wouldn’t have been sitting here
telling me this story.

It’s a good one and if I wasn’t so hurt
I would make you prove it
I can’t believe this is how you do
me knowing I’ll die fighting for you
This ain’t your first lie
but it’s by far the worst.

I’m seeing what I always been afraid of
You being like him
She came by today to let you know
in person, as you quit taking her calls
You were gone so she told me that you should know
She’s not pregnant

But now what bothers me more is
What if she was?

Here’s the first part- Part 1

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