An important question

Hey guys, good morning to every one.

Kolkata is freezing right now, and m not happy about it ❄️⛄

Anyways, I had a question- does anyone know the deal with mason jars? I know they are cute and aesthetic, but how do people eat from them?

Isn’t eating straight from a jar is a bad thing, which we Indians are taught not to do?

But they looook so cute 😢😍

I have ordered one from Amazon, it arrives on Saturday, m so excited to share the pics.

Haven’t figured out what I will be doing with it though. Any suggestions? 🤔💭

36 thoughts on “An important question

  1. Maybe its the aesthetic sense of seeing the colors of delicacies through a shining glass that is making me crave more. I don’t know and hey it holds lots of ice cream too. There is nothing wrong with too much ice cream isn’t it?

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  2. I love them. But I’m from the south lol. My dad still cans veggies and stuff. So I steal them whenever I can. I’ve got tons. Not handle ones tho. Dad does and drinks out of them constantly. Never seen him eat out of them tho lol

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