The illusion of ‘us’

There was never an us
like the book i dropped
my pages wrinkled
never to be flat and smooth again
paper billowing like waves

Every time
I fold over the cover
to read the story between lines
I froze
I remembered the long aching nights
for a connection
a touch, but not yours

A touch from anyone else.

~ Β© pia.majumdar

19 thoughts on “The illusion of ‘us’

  1. Sorry to know that you went through this, Pia. I may not have experience but I do know that this experience must have suck. The poem, like all of your work, was beautiful and heart touching. This is just another phase in life, I guess. And I hope you get over it soon.

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      1. I’m really happy for you. Some new phases work out so well while others don’t.
        In fact, my recent post features a poem about this topic. Do read it, Pia!

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