Until you are asleep

I love your eyes.

Wet, filled with desire.

I love them most when they stare back into mine.

Not a word needs to be said.

A breath between us two,

Each craving met, my eyes trailing yours.

The way they bend shut when your legs stretch out

And your arms wrap around me.

The natural curling of toes

When your eyes widen before closing tight.

I love looking into your eyes.

This amazing feeling that interrupts each kiss.

The arch felt across the small of your back.

Bridging the gap of a swaying bridge.

Your body in the comfort of my hands.

A soft kiss below your temple.

Welcoming your shyness.

Those eyes that follow the movement of your head.

I love the way you look at me and bite your bottom lip.

Welcoming the audience of my eyes.

Catching every glimpse,

Not a thought held back behind those eyes.

Our passion held between us two.

Lost in the rumble of how your body trembles.

Over and over,

Until you’re fast asleep.

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