what would you do if you were in my place?

let me know.

I’m a 23 yr girl (gonna go with that), whose father is having alcohol issues, and who won’t hesitate to take his own life if denied from drinking further.

Whenever mom or me, try to stop him from drinking he starts having a fit, talks about how he is gonna marry me to some guy, whom I don’t even know (well this arranged marriage system is pretty popular in India), despite the fact that IΒ  have a bf of last 7 years, and he talks about divorcing my mom.

My mom is already in an emotional state, and at last- I am still helpless, can’t do anything about this.

So he just keeps on drinking, even when the doctor has told him not to if he wants to live longer. But who cares right? Coz he’s having a midlife crisis, and whenever the mood strikes he’s just gonna pick up the damn bottle to his lips and chug. Fuck yeah, damn you, women, for caring for your own father or husband.


It’s fictional don’t worry πŸ˜‰