Those Dabba Days

Remember those ‘dabba’ days
when we used to share ours together
without caring who thought what of us
judging with their hungry eyes.

Remember those ‘dabba’ days
when the teacher turned his back on his
we immediately started to gorge on food
opening tiffins without thinking what was inside.

Remember those ‘dabba’ days
when my momma was sick, no one was there to cook for me
you fed me with your hands, with so much love
my bestie, my love, my food buddy for forever.

We shared our ‘dabbas’ together in school
and I want to share them
for the rest of our lives, my love

Dabba means tiffin carrier.

17 thoughts on “Those Dabba Days

  1. I wanna cry out in happiness. I love anything that’s nostalgic. Everytime I read or see something nostalgic I get remembered of a moment that I didn’t know I had it. Reading about this dabba poem brought me back my fifth grade days. Oh gosh! How I miss the 12’o clock lunch bell. We would close our note books and open the dabbas faster than a lightning. Discussing about the last night cartoons and serials like small wonder, we would be having a mini feast. The love and affection of every parent shared among the joy of friends. Oh dear goodness that was heaven. Thank you so so much. You made this person smile today.

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