During my childhood days

This is a true incident that happened to me during my childhood.

I never met my grandma, as she passed away when I was very small. I always yearned for bedtime stories, the lovely warmth of her love, being spoiled by her but my parents fulfilled all of these affections instead and now I understand how much pain my mom dealt with when she went to heaven.
Anyway now coming to the story, I had a friend named Rashi, when we used to live in Nashik; I adored her grandma. Whenever I showed up on their doorstep she immediately took me in her arms and used to feed me laddoos, such a sweet and awesome lady.
I used to make her tuberose rings, well I wasn’t that of a master but it did make her smile. Whenever I got hurt playing or someone scolded me, I used to run to Rashi’s house (we were neighbors) and immediately began to cry. Oh, the troubles of being a 7 yr old. She used to love the little flower garlands I made her, and always fed me either sweets or snacks, I loved her totally.
I still cherish those days with all my heart, as it’s been 10 since we moved from Nashik to Kolkata and I miss her soo much. Childhood days were really awesome.


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