The Raven Haired Girl

How far is too far?

How far is the line?

Which keeps us from overstepping boundaries,

And I keep stepping on the line,

With no remorse left to feel inside

The veil is lifted and now people can see me,

What I truly am

With cruel charade around me

The raven-haired girl wept and wept endlessly

As the pain became unbearable

Longing to dissolve in the night sky

She waited for infinite years

For her sweet release, finally, she decided

I needed an angel, to save me from myself

The heavy mist shrouding me

Filled with no hope, no light, no magic

Making the heartacheΒ within,

To leave this body, yearning to be freed from this captivity.

I want to be free and mingle with darkness

Residing within me, just like the raven

Flying in the night sky


33 thoughts on “The Raven Haired Girl

  1. well written. keep stepping on the lines especially those that are arbitrary and unreasonable and that’s what sets u apart from others and makes you special and unique. Veil should definitely be lifted but of ignorance and not of modesty. best wishes πŸ™‚

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