Would you?

Will you come back, if he/she frees you?

22 thoughts on “Would you?

  1. Sometimes letting go is the only thing which can make things better and I don’t know much, but, even if they let us go, we still have a glimpse of hope to finally be with them. So yes, I might come back because, love, for me, is always about forgiveness.

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  2. I would. Sometimes we don’t let go because we are not happy but because we think that they’d be happier on letting them go. Sometimes we also let go in complicated situations when we believe that what is ours will come back to us and if it doesn’t, it never belonged to us. Letting go might have many reasons and it depends upon the situation. It is not always as simple as it seems. Sometimes we let go praying every second for them to choose us again. I’ll definitely come back to him in that case.. That’s my opinion.

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