Wait what??? I am not 18 yet?

So an amazing event happened to me today. I and my friends decided to watch The Nun today, and this is what happened-

Upon arriving at the mall one of my friends went ahead to buy the tickets. We were chatting and reached near the hall entrance. Suddenly everyone went inside but I got stopped.

I was asked to furnish age as apparently, this horror movie was for adults, which I wasn’t.

The guard thought I was under 18. Not cool any more guys; it’s been several years since I passed the 18 threshold. After a lot of convincing and pleading with one of the managers, they let me in.
Wow, if you do not have the face and body to pass as an adult, you’re in trouble.
If you’re going to a well-known and big cinema, you’re pretty much screwed!
Most cinemas have a board stating “ADULT MOVIE. YOU NEED AGE PROOF (18+) TO WATCH IT.” 
If you don’t comply, you’re out.

What the hell man, the whole just went so stupidly. My friends made fun of me the whole day  😦

37 thoughts on “Wait what??? I am not 18 yet?

  1. Been quite a while since I last visited your blog but finally it’s good to hear from you. Btw no offences but I think that ‘above 18’ bar is for our own good. Although they really need to change the way they see someone due to their face and body because often our bodies lie.

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  2. Yeah…. i know the feeling.
    Unfortunately for me, i look pretty much under age too. It happened a few times that.I’ve been asked for proof of my age. That’s horrible and absurd! What can be do? Some say it is good because when we’ll grow old, we’ll look much younger . Maybe it’s true, but what can we do in the meantime?

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